What Emergency Lighting Is All About

Emergency Lighting is designed to come on when the mains fail. It is usually provided for safety reasons and to enable uninterrupted occupation of a building in times of breakdown of the main lighting. It also provides lighting for escape routes in the case evacuation at a building is necessary.

The most widely used and economical systems are stored energy systems using secondary batteries specifically designed for long term stand by use.

Design Criteria
When designing emergency lighting, the following points must be considered:
Purpose of the emergency lighting
[ a ] Directional Escape Signage
[ b ] Standby Lighting Luminaire

Basic Requirements of Emergency Luminaire
The basic requirements of emergency lighting are:
i ] To indicate clearly and unambiguously, usually with the use of exit signs, the escape routes;
ii ] To provide illumination along the escape routes using luminaires spaced at the appropriate distances;
iii ] To provide, where required, standby lighting to permit normal and safe occupation of the building; iv ] To provide, where required, security lighting to prevent injury or thereats to persons

Self-Contained Emergenct Light
Central Supply Emergency Light
Emergency Power Pack For
Fluorescent,PL,Halogen Lamp
Emergency Exit Light